Maria Åkerberg Magnesium Oil 30 ml

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Maria Åkerberg Magnesium Oil 30 ml
Maria Åkerberg Magnesium Oil 30 ml
Maria Åkerberg Magnesium Oil 30 ml
Maria Åkerberg Magnesium Oil 30 ml
Maria Åkerberg Magnesium Oil 30 ml.
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30 ml
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Maria Åkerberg
Magnesium Oil is a powerful nutritional supplement in spray form that is suitable for everyone, but especially for people with a magnesium deficiency.

The product consists of magnesium and mineral-rich brine. The oil is quickly absorbed into the skin restoring magnesium levels and improving well-being.

You cannot overdose as the skin never absorbs more than it can manage.

The product contains 31% magnesium, 58 mg/pump.

Naturally self-preserving.
Made from all-natural ingredients

Spray 5–10 times on the desired area of the skin (such as legs, arms, stomach, neck or back). You may experience a tingling sensation on the skin, which is completely normal. If you wish to further speed up the absorption of the oil, apply a Maria Åkerberg body lotion of your choice afterwards. Use daily or as needed.

Note! Avoid contact with eyes, face and other sensitive areas. Discontinue use in case of prolonged skin irritation. For external use only.

Magnesium Oil is safe to use during pregnancy and when breast feeding.

Suggested alternatives:
Body Lotion

ingredients: Aqua Purificata/Water, Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Chloride.

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